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Jojo Rabbit Q&A with Thomasin McKenzie

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – sometimes at the same time.” -Rolling Stone Director Taika Waititi (THOR: RAGNAROK and HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE) has everyone talking about his newest film, JOJO RABBIT, an anti-hate satire set on the backdrop of World War II Germany that USA Today calls, “a warm hug of a movie that just…


FIRST LOVE Q&A with Takashi Miike

Bryan Kluger joins legendary director Takashi Miike to chat about his new film FIRST LOVE that Variety calls “wired to explode. And it is a blast.” Certified fresh at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film “ranks among Miike’s most purely entertaining movies (out of more than 100 now!)” raves The A.V. Club, as it blends…

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Make your Halloween more Cinematic!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve got 5 iconic #Hitchcocktober Halloween costumes for cinephiles! Check out the original costumes on the big screen, as we celebrate the Master of Suspense all month long at Ward Theatres! Grace Kelley in Dial M for Murder A costume so glamorous it’s deadly.  We paired a red…


A “Ghostly” War Film is Pushing Boundaries in MONOS

Eight teenagers live high in the mountains with only each other, a handful of weapons, and a prisoner-of-war for company. The only contact they have with the world below is through a radio and their ruthless drill sergeant. So begins the gripping and intense film MONOS, which follows the group as they grapple with growing…

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Top 5 Hitchcock Moments in Film

Our October is dedicated to celebrating Alfred Hitchcock, who gave us some of the most clever & iconic moments in film history! Here are some of our favorite moments from this year’s line up: Experience these films every Thursday at 7PM this October at Ward Theatres! Dial M for Murder – The Phone Call Gone…

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From sidekick to "a slam dunk" - BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON

Will the real Brittany please stand up? BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON has audiences running to theaters, and is being heralded by Variety as “a slam dunk.” Director Paul Down Colaizzo brought his real life friend and roommate Brittany’s real life story to the big screen in his newest film. Colaizzo stopped by the Angelika New…


When the Maiden Made Waves Around the World

In 1989, twelve women sailed in the face of rampant sexism and inspired the world. The new documentary MAIDEN, from director Alex Holmes, chronicles the harrowing and inspiring voyage of the first all-female crew to ever compete in the Whitbread Round the World Race. The film centers around Tracy Edwards, the extraordinary woman whose experiences…


Embrace 90s Nostalgia with the Cult Classic CLUELESS

Miss this special screening of CLUELESS? As if! Let Consolidated Theatres’ Cult Classics series transport you back to 1995 with this era-defining comedy. CLUELESS, an update of Jane Austen’s EMMA, follows Cher, the spoiled but well-meaning teen, as she meddles in the lives of everyone around her. She is totally confident that she knows how…

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From Glasgow to Oahu: Country Music Finds a Home

The new film WILD ROSE features a star-making performance from Jessie Buckley that demands to be seen in theaters. Buckley portrays Rose-Lynn Harlan, an extraordinary talent whose hope of becoming a country music star is at odds with the realities of her life in Glasgow. WILD ROSE highlights the sacrifices Rose-Lynn must make in pursuit…