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Five Famous Femme Fatales of Film Noir

Celebrate the iconic stars of Film Noir with our new series this May! This 1940s genre, featuring high-contrast cinematography, mysterious murders and lots of smoke, pushed the boundaries of film and storytelling. In addition, this ground-breaking genre introduced a new type of female character: The Femme Fatale. This mysterious enchantress seduces the male hero into…

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The Golden Age of Hollywood

The Golden Age of Hollywood gave us smash hit classics such as ON THE WATERFRONT to REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. This year we are celebrating these Hollywood gems with our monthly curated series, where we play one Golden Age Classic, introduced by our film historian, John Sittig. Here’s a peek at each film coming soon:…

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Heeere’s Kubrick! A Tribute to a Cinematic Genius

Stanley Kubrick was one of the most innovative directors of all time, who pushed the boundaries of film through his dynamic storytelling, and use of visuals elements, including color, lighting and framing. To honor this cinematic genius, we’re holding our second annual Heeere’s Kubrick film series. This curated series celebrates Kubrick’s innovative story-telling through four…


Academy Award 'Favourites' - Oscar Nominations 2019

The morning’s announcement of the 2019 Academy Award nominations showed that The Favourite is certainly a film favorite among academy voters. It is leading the way with an incredible 10 nominations, alongside Netflix’s Roma. Yorgos Lanthimos received a nod for Best Director, with each of the film’s stars – Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma…