NEVER LOOK AWAY Q&A with Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Academy Award nominated for both Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography, NEVER LOOK AWAY is being heralded by critics as “a marvel” (Hollywood Reporter) and “an epic, intergenerational tale of art, love, tragedy and politics.” The film’s Director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (THE LIVES OF OTHERS) graced the NYC’s Paris Theatre with a Q&A on opening night.

The film follow’s a 30 year span amid the life of a great artist, and is loosely based Gerhard Richter. Donnersmarck was able to actually spend time with Richter, which he describes here:

Donnersmarck is incredibly passionate about his work. The first film he ever watched, at age 5, was at the Museum of Modern Art, and was definitely not something that his father expected to be showing him… here, he describes that unusual experience:

Director of Photography Caleb Deschanel’s first turn in that role was THE BLACK STALLION, which also happened to be the second film that Donnersmarck ever saw. From there, he saw that film could be art, and he followed Deschanel’s work in the same way we, as fans, would follow our favorite actor or director.

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About the film:

A sweeping romantic historical drama, Germany’s Official submission to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, NEVER LOOK AWAY follows thirty years in the life of a great artist – loosely based on Gerhard Richter (Tom Schilling, WOMAN IN GOLD). The film goes from a childhood witnessing Nazi Germany, to post-war East Berlin, where he falls in love with a young woman (Paula Beer, FRANTZ, TRANSIT) whose father is an ex-Nazi murderer in hiding (Sebastian Koch, THE LIVES OF OTHERS), to escaping to the West at the time of the Berlin Wall, and ultimately being part of the exciting new movement in contemporary art.

View the trailer:

Where to see it:

NEVER LOOK AWAY opens Friday 2/22 at Kahala Theatres.