Embrace 90s Nostalgia with the Cult Classic CLUELESS

Miss this special screening of CLUELESS? As if! Let Consolidated Theatres’ Cult Classics series transport you back to 1995 with this era-defining comedy.

CLUELESS, an update of Jane Austen’s EMMA, follows Cher, the spoiled but well-meaning teen, as she meddles in the lives of everyone around her. She is totally confident that she knows how to run her friends’ lives. While trying to manage everyone else, Cher quickly learns that she’s, well, clueless, especially when it comes to her heart.

CLUELESS is a classic film worthy of its source material. Just like any Jane Austen novel, it has a complex and endearing heroine you root for from the start, incisive satire, and a leading man worth falling for. The film crackles with wit and is steeped in the mid-1990s. From Cher’s iconic yellow plaid ensemble to referring to men as Baldwins or Barneys and a musical interlude from a ska band, every moment of CLUELESS is highly stylized and full of references that make it a perfect encapsulation of 90s culture.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience CLUELESS (and to marvel that Paul Rudd truly hasn’t aged a day since 1995) on the big screen at Kaahumanu Theatres!