When the Maiden Made Waves Around the World

In 1989, twelve women sailed in the face of rampant sexism and inspired the world. The new documentary MAIDEN, from director Alex Holmes, chronicles the harrowing and inspiring voyage of the first all-female crew to ever compete in the Whitbread Round the World Race. The film centers around Tracy Edwards, the extraordinary woman whose experiences with sexism in the sailing community inspired her to form the crew of the Maiden and compete in the Whitbread.

Both Holmes and Edwards, who received a standing ovation upon entering the theater, spoke at our sister location, Angelika New York. Holmes recalled meeting Edwards five years ago and described her as a “charismatic and powerful individual” and immediately wanted to make a film about her and the Maiden. Edwards and her crew members decided they wanted to be “completely honest” about their experiences leading up to and during the race. Edwards discussed how young women face unrealistic expectations of perfection, when in reality women are “messy, mucky, [and] all over the place.” Edwards wanted MAIDEN to reflect that reality and show young girls how strong and capable women are. Edwards is immensely grateful for MAIDEN which gave the crew the ability to express pride over their accomplishment after “not really talking about it” for many years.

Holmes expertly weaves interviews with Maiden’s crew and heart-stopping footage from the race together to create a captivating narrative. MAIDEN is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of a determined woman.

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MAIDEN opens Friday 7/12 at Kahala Theatres.