Make your Halloween more Cinematic!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve got 5 iconic #Hitchcocktober Halloween costumes for cinephiles! Check out the original costumes on the big screen, as we celebrate the Master of Suspense all month long at Ward Theatres!

  1. Grace Kelley in Dial M for Murder

A costume so glamorous it’s deadly.  We paired a red dress with blonde wig to recreate Grace Kelley’s iconic outfit in Dial M for Murder.  To add a touch of danger, we accessorized this outfit with a corded phone, a drop-dead addition that completes this cinematic costume.

  1. Cary Grant in North by Northwest

Impress your friends with this suave reinterpretation of the iconic scene from North by Northwest. We started this costume with a grey suit, and dark tie. Then using black construction paper and a hanger, we hung an airplane next to our model’s ear, creating a terrifying backdrop to run from. This simple DIY costume is a cinephile’s go-to!

  1. Tippi Hedren in The Birds

This cinematic classic costume comes from the horrifying film, The Birds. To recreate this outfit, we started with a matching green shirt and skirt. Then we used black construction paper to cut out a few birds, which we attached to the costume with safety pins. Finally, we topped the costume with a messy bun and a few DIY bird clips.

  1. The Lady who Vanishes in The Lady Vanishes

Every Cinefile needs a go to costume, when they forgot to dress up. This cop-out costume is simple. Simply introduce yourself to everyone and then vanish within the space, by hiding behind a wall or piece of furniture. Perfect for all those cinefiles who hate to dress up.

  1. Mrs. Bates in Psycho

Finally one of the most terrifying costumes for cinephiles, the deadly (and dead) Mrs. Bates. We created this costume with a long flowery dress, topped with a lacy cardigan, and grey bun. We created our deadly facial figures with a simple corpse mask. However, this can be achieved with skull make up as well.

Want more inspiration? Check out the original costumes on the big screen all October long at Ward Theatres!