VIP Screenings – Frequently Asked Questions

Our programmers have put together a curated list of many films, categorized by genre! Begin your booking at, and once you select your location, you will see the list of available movies.

Yes! You may provide your own Blu-Ray, or streaming device and HDMI cable, to watch anything you’d like at your VIP screening. Contact us at for pricing and more information!

VIP screenings are limited to 30 guests or fewer, in order to allow for social distancing between guests who do not live in the same household.

All guests are required to have on a face covering upon building entry. Don’t worry though, you can remove your mask while seated in the auditorium to enjoy all your favorite movie snacks!

Consolidated Theatres has adopted new policies and procedures in order to provide all of you, and all our staff, with the safest possible experience for our VIP screenings and gaming rentals, following federal, state and local guidelines. Our staff is doing additional cleaning and sanitization of seats, concession areas, restrooms, and any high touchpoints within the building. Click here for a summary of what to expect!

VIP screenings are taking place at Consolidated Ward, Mililani and Olino.

VIP screenings are available to book weekly from Thursday through Sunday, at 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm.

Screenings cost $250 for the entire group. In addition to the screening cost, groups are required to purchase a minimum of $100 in concessions, or 10 Standard ($10) packages.

Yes, all VIP screening groups are required to purchase a minimum of $100 in concessions, or 10 Standard packages.

No! You may mix-and-match concession packages however you’d like! Just let us know your preference via email at, and our events manager will assist!

Depending on what you’d like to bring, our events manager may be able to accommodate your request on a case by case basis. All outside food requires payment of a Catering Fee. Just put in a Note when you submit your booking request, and our events manager will be in touch with you!

Once your screening is confirmed, our events manager will coordinate with you to accept pre-payment for the screening and concessions via a credit card.

During your screening, you may purchase additional concessions a la carte, which you can pay for with a credit or debit card. No cash will be accepted!

Gift cards and e-gift cards are valid for in-theater purchases, including any concessions that you purchase during your screening. Due to how gift cards are processed, we are unable to use them towards your booking or rental fee for the event.

That’s okay! You can provide us an estimate, as long as your group remains under 30 guests.

Yes! Just place a minimum order upfront (at least $100 or 10 Standard Packages), and then you and your guests can order food a la carte once you arrive at the theater. Or contact our events manager at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled to update your order!

Bookings for VIP screenings are not confirmed until payment is finalized. Our events manager will contact you personally to confirm all the details and make sure the date, time and movie you selected is still available.